Evaluation of a treatment strategy: Chronic Pain

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We wanted to see if a close collaboration between physician and course instructor in Lightning Process (LP) would help to help children and young people with chronic headaches.
Our goal was to mobilize patients’ own resources and teach them techniques for creating change in thoughts and behaviors to improve their own health.
he study group consisted of twelve patients, seven girls and five boys aged 14-18.
Everyone had had chronic headaches for more than a year, and ten of them for more than two years. They were clinically / neurologically examined by a physician. Routine haematological examinations were performed, necessary imaging with cerebral MRI and routine eye examination.a

Everyone was well informed by a physician about the brain’s pain network, central sensitization, the brain’s neuroplastic properties and how different thoughts and stress factors can help trigger pain. They were informed about the importance of changing attitudes from being passive sufferers to becoming active participants in their own treatment.