Part 1 of the Lightning Process

“…this was the first step into the unknown that I took to getting my health back.  It was like finding the missing piece of the puzzle, after 30 years of asking specialists ‘What can I do to help myself?’ – I finally had an answer.  I immediately signed up for the 3 day training programme with a local licensed practitioner and can honestly say I am happier and healthier than ever before.” Jill

Start your journey by listening to Part 1 of the Lightning Process (LP), an interactive audio programme.  You will learn:

  • About the science and research behind the LP
  • How to spot when your nervous system is switching on unhelpful pathways
  • How to switch on new healthier neurological pathways
  • How the LP has helped others with similar issues to you and how it could help you to resolve your issues too

The changes you experience from this stage of the LP will give you an introduction to what you can achieve through continuing.  Your next step is choosing your practitioner in preparation for taking the LP seminar.

Download the best edition for you for just £15.99. If what you would like to work on is covered by more than one of the versions, that’s fine, just choose the most relevant one for you at this time and then arrange a time to speak to your chosen practitioner about everything you’d like to change in the seminar.

We also offer packages which provide Part 1 and an additional download to help support you – these are just £19.99:

Please note: you will not be able to ‘do’ the whole Lightning Process simply by completing this stage, as it is contains only the first of the three phases.  After listening to it you will need to take the second phase of working with an experienced practitioner.