Hi, I’m Dr Phil Parker, creator of the Lightning Process and a lecturer and researcher at London Met University.  I’d love to share with you a little about me, how and why I developed the Process and how it’s impacted and transformed people’s lives globally during the last few decades.

Since the late 1980s, I’ve been fascinated in the power of the Mind-Body Connection and the ways to use it to help others.  My interest in this started because of a life changing injury…

During my 20s I explored my other passion, music.  I toured the world as a professional musician playing, recording albums and even once playing with Eric Clapton.  Suddenly, one day everything changed.  Whilst helping others free a caravan that had become stuck in the mud by rocking it back and forth, my hand plunged through the glass of a window.  It took a while for the others to realise what had happened, and so by the time they had stopped the rocking, the damage was done – and it was quite severe.  Although I’d missed the major arteries I’d severed the ulnar nerve which makes your fingers move.  I was informed by numerous specialists I’d never use my hand again, until finally I found someone, a physio, who told me recovery might be possible, using the Mind-Body Connection, and I decided that was the advice I’d take, I’m contrary like that!  Because of this I’m now an expert in the power of words and how they can harm or rebuild health.

I have dedicated my career to the exploration of the power of language to help individuals, by harnessing the power of the Mind-Body Connection to profoundly change their lives and health.  Throughout my research in recent years, I have also gained a PhD in the Psychology of Health.

During the last 20+ years, over 25,000 clients have taken the Lightning Process after experiencing a range of chronic health issues; and consequently have experienced a transformation in the quality of their lives.

As well as training thousands of medical teams, I’ve worked with a wide range of individuals and professionals; who perform at the highest level across a number of disciplines such as: Premiership Footballers, European Golfers, The British Olympic Medical Team and Ed Stafford, who successfully achieved the Guinness World Record attempt to walk the Amazon.

So, what is the Lightning Process?

The Lightning Process is a well researched, science based programme, which, at its core, has a hugely impactful method of harnessing the power of the Mind-Body Connection; to improve lives and health.

How it works

The Lightning Process comprises three stages:

  • Part 1 – Listening to the Interactive Audio Download (approx. 4 hours) and taking part in a Preparation Coaching Phone Call with your selected expert coach.  You’ll learn about the science behind the Process and how to spot when your nervous system is switching on unhelpful pathways and how to switch to healthier neurological ones.
  • Part 2 – Taking the Seminar (3 Days) – it is an interactive teaching-learning experience, run in an informal, 1:1 or group setting (online or face to face).  The seminar is led by a trained Lightning Process Practitioner, using a coaching style that encourages self-reflection, whilst being caring and compassionate in its approach.
  • Part 3Implementation of the Toolkit you’ve learned with the ongoing support of your coach, with access to a range of useful resources.

Don’t don’t just take it from us, visit some video testimonials with a range of success stories:



Martine McCutcheon

Austin Healey

To find out more about the Lightning Process call 0333 090 5190 or email office@philparker.org