Taking the Lightning Process seminar is just the start of your journey, once you have completed the seminar you will have a robust set of tools to use to achieve your goals and maintain the changes you have already started.  Included in the cost of your training are 3 hours of phone/skype calls with your practitioner so that they can continue to support you in making change and helping you with any challenges that you encounter.

You will also receive a support download to listen to after the course to keep the knowledge and tools you have learnt fresh in your mind.

There are a number of other support structures in place for you as well:

  • Free podcasts and newsletters
  • Our graduate website
  • Social Media Resources
  • Post-course downloads and books to support your learning
  • Additional phone, zoom or face to face coaching appointments, as required
  • Group Follow up/Refresher sessions

After taking the Lightning Process many clients are interested in exploring these fascinating subjects further, one great way to do this is is to join one of the NLP Life Skills courses run personally by Phil.  These are also popular with friends and family as it gives them the opportunity to experience some of these life-changing skills.  You can find out more about these courses below: