Success Stories

“I took the Lightning Process, it was amazing.”

Martine McCutcheon, Film & TV Star

“I am so excited to start the year ahead as a person with 150 per cent of my energy, being myself on stage rather the shadow I had become.”

Chris Marques, International Dance Star and Choreographer for Strictly Come Dancing

“The results are extraordinary – seeing is believing,”

Mary King, Olympic Horse Rider

‘The Lightning Process is the most empowering experience I’ve ever had. It saved my life”

Patrick Strudwick, Journalist

“I saw the transformation in Lou in just three days. It was like a miracle – instantly I had my old wife back.”

Austin Healey, Former English Rugby Player

“It helped me enormously.”

Laura Mvula, Songwriter & Singer, MOBO Award Winner and Brit & Mercury Music Award Nominee

“I am convinced it is the most powerful way to make rapid and lasting changes in any area of your life.”

Austin Healey, Former English Rugby Player

We have thousands of success stories from those who’ve used the Lightning Process to change their lives and health – take this chance to read through and see what can be achieved…

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