What is the Lightning Process?

The Phil Parker Lightning Process® (LP) is a training course that focuses on the science behind how the brain and body interact; it gives you powerful tools to use this brain-body link to influence your health and life.  The tools involve gentle movement, meditation-like techniques and mental exercises.  With practise you can use them to change the way your nervous system works, switching on pathways which promote health and switching off ones which aren’t so good for you.

How does the Lightning Process work?

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Lightning Process – Supporting Research

This page explores the theories and research which support the Lightning Process…

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The kind of changes you can expect

This page looks at what you can expect before, during and after the seminar…

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How the LP started – Phil Parker, PhD

Find out more about what led Phil to design the Lightning Process and his role in it’s development…

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Practitioner Qualifications

All LP Practitioners have a comprehensive, clinical training – find out more…

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The cost of the LP course varies depending on where you take the training – your chosen practitioner will talk to you about their fees or for more general information click through.

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