Is it suitable for me?

Do you know how it feels to…

  • …be exhausted and tired no matter how much rest you get?

  • …be stuck with re-occurring pain, health symptoms and issues?

  • …get so stressed by almost everything?

  • …feel low and upset much of the time?

  • …want a better life and health but just can’t find anything that works?

If any, or all, of these sound familiar then the Lightning Process, designed by Phil Parker, PhD, could be the answer that you’re looking for.  There are lots of ways you can find out more about the suitability of the Lightning Process for you, have a look through below…

Speak to an experienced practitioner

Our highly trained practitioners will be able to advise if they feel the Lightning Process would be suitable for what you would like to work on so the best thing is to arrange a time to speak to your chosen one…

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Work through Part 1 of the LP

This interactive audio programme which introduce you to the core concepts of the LP and help you to start to make change with the tools of the LP

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Explore the success that others have achieved

Clients often contact us months, and even years, after the course telling us what they have achieved…

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Lightning Process and Public Figures

People from all walks of life have taken the LP including those in the public eye – read about their experiences here…

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Learn what doctors say about the LP

Many doctors observe clients taking the course or take the LP themselves and you can read their thoughts and feedback here…

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Published Research involving the LP

The LP has been involved in many research studies, including a recent RCT with the University of Bristol and the NHS.  You can read about all of these here…

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LP in the media

The LP is often featured on TV, radio, magazines and newspapers – find out more…

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Contact us

If you have any questions at any time then please contact us…

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