I’m Martine (18 years old) from Norway.  I had ME, and I now feel great!  I’m sorry i haven’t written earlier, but it just hasn’t been on my mind. I’m doing really good and my life is so much better. I’m now full time at school, partying, shopping, working and hanging out with friends 🙂  I’m using the the process once in a while, but I do it more without thinking about it.  I also used it to calm down before I had my driving test, and I made it!! I have also started exercising, I feel that I’m managing a lot, due to the fact I haven’t done anything in two years.  I want to thank you for what you did for me, it really made my life so much better! The night I arrived in Norway I went straight to a party, and the next morning I was wakeboarding a lot, went to town, went partying again and had some friends staying over! It was so much fun! My mum have also told others with ME about you, so I hope you will help many more! You changed my life, thank you so much!