We received this update from a client who took the Lightning Process with Julie Willis – thank you so much for sharing your experience!
Sickness, bereavement, assault, financial pressures and impossible work pressures.  My response to these circumstances had me at the bottom of the darkest pit, completely incapacitated with depression and anxiety.  I was desperate to climb out and boy did I try.
I went to counselling, had weekly hypnotherapy, tried cold showers, long walks, journalling, meditation… the list goes on.  I worked so hard to get out of that pit, I even went on to anti-depressants.  I tried it all.  And all those things are important and helpful but there was one key part missing.
I knew all the unhelpful patterns I was falling into: the perfectionism; the unrealistic expectations of myself; the negative self-talk and the emotional baggage I dragged around with me.  I could see exactly where I was going wrong.
And yet… knowing where I was going wrong and knowing what I should be doing didn’t help me know HOW to do it.
Enter Julie.
And my goodness me.  I was so ready for this next step. I so needed the TOOLS to help me break old habits and old patterns that kept pulling me on a slippery slope right back into that pit.  My old ways of thinking continued to surface and impact both my mental and physical health with multiple chronic conditions, despite everything I was doing.
And then a week ago I completed the Lightning Process.
To call it “transformative” is massively underselling it.  And, the amazing thing is that although it feels like some serious “woo woo” when you feel the shift in your body, it is all rooted in science and you can SEE how real it is.  Julie identified exactly what I needed and went above and beyond with this course, finding ways to present it to me in a way that would resonate.
One week after completing the course, I feel lighter, happier, more focused, more positive and more resilient.  My body is working better. I have more energy.  And now I know that no matter what the world throws at me going forward, I have these tools at my disposal to help me navigate any situation in a healthy, calm and happy way.
I am so grateful for this course and I think no matter what physical or mental health struggles you are facing, if you genuinely want to get unstuck and make the change, then this course is for you.
I will be reporting back over the next few months and can’t wait to share further positive changes in my life that I know are in store for me, now that I have all the right tools at my disposal.