This is an update from a client who took the LP with Fiona Finch online in December 2020…

Doing the Lightning Process was completely and utterly life changing for me. Not just in the speed and the completeness of my recovery from Long Covid, but also in my life as a whole. I feel like there’s no going back, and that health and wellness are now at the heart of my lifestyle and habits, which I know will have lifelong benefits.

After being unwell with post viral fatigue / long Covid for 4 months, I finally did the Lightning process in December 2020, after a friend recommended it to me. She’d made a remarkable and rapid recovery from ME some years before, and she and her husband had also used it again during their recovery from Covid in early 2020, with what she described as ‘incredible results’. I felt I had nothing to lose by trying it, since I was at my wits end. At my lowest ebb I wasn’t able to read a book, hold a conversation, walk up the stairs in one go, watch television or even text a friend. Everything was too much, and the brain fog and exhaustion were simply all consuming. I’d given up my job, as I didn’t want to be on long term sick leave, and I was finding the constant cycle of requesting sick notes every couple of weeks just too stressful, and felt it was impeding my recovery. I was agonised that I couldn’t be there as a parent to my children, and my husband and I had bleakly wondered if I would ever recover, or whether a lifetime of carers and perpetual ME lay ahead of us. I needed some radical intervention, and I was ready to try anything.

The experience was simply remarkable. By the end of day three of the process – the final day – I wrote in my diary “I am WELL! This is where it all starts!” By using the tools the Lighting Process taught me, I was already noticing phenomenal changes – I was suddenly able to walk further and faster, sleep more soundly, engage in family life again, feel calm and happy, and was embracing a sense of my own future with energy and huge positivity. My husband couldn’t believe the change in me, and how quickly it had happened. Within a few weeks I was confidently going on hour long walks or more, returning to all my normal activities, and even started running Couch to 5k. The most gratifying thing of all was seeing the children and whole family respond to the changes in me. I shared some of the thinking behind the Lighting Process with them, and my positivity and energy started to rub off on everyone, as they picked up on my new habits. So much so that we all pretty much sailed through ‘Lockdown 3’ with everyone being really happy and in a great place – quite an achievement for two teenagers who were mostly cut off from their friends.

I’m now (spring 2021) back to running my small business, and consider myself completely well. I haven’t gone back to my consultancy job – the experience of having Long Covid, and the enormous insights into my own health and wellbeing that the Lightning Process has given me, have inspired me to re-evaluate my life, and to make some long term changes that put mine and the family’s health and wellbeing first. To be honest, this might just be the best thing I’ve ever done.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to do the Lightning Process at the time I did. It’s even made me feel grateful for the fact that I caught Covid. I would recommend it as something to consider for anyone who is experiencing prolonged symptoms of fatigue following Covid or any other virus. For me, it’s been the chance to start my life anew, and find a way to flourish, with the confidence of knowing I’ve got tools that can help me whenever I need them. That feels like a true gift.