I had ME/CFS for a total of 16 years.  For many years severely affected, completely confined to bed.  I recovered 15 years ago when I took a Lightning Process (LP) seminar and have been well ever since.

In 1990 I was 24 and was at a very happy point in my life, starting out in work after completing my degree.  I caught a viral infection and instead of recovering, I became worse with a range of symptoms including severe headaches, previously unimaginable fatigue, muscle pain, sleep disturbances and light and sound sensitivity.  It was terrifying.  Despite a few attempts to return to work, I had to give up and I was diagnosed with CFS/ME.

After 3 years I spiralled down into being completely confined to bed.  I had carers to look after me but spent most of my time alone, often needing to be in the dark or low light, unable to have regular visitors.

Sessions with a psychologist were the only help I was offered, an interesting journey into my past, but it made no difference whatsoever to my actual physical health.

When it came to ‘alternative treatments’, I spent thousands over the years, I eventually gave up trying anything new, as every round of failure was too disappointing.

I heard about LP from a friend of a friend.  Initially, I was hugely sceptical, however, after consideration and research, I decided to apply.

The LP was utterly transformational for me. I was shown how I could use the mind and body connections to influence my own physiology, and amazingly, I reduced and then stopped my symptoms.

At the end of the course, I was elated and felt so confident of the change in my health and energy that I gave my wheelchair away.  Obviously, it would take time to rebuild muscles, stamina and to fully rehabilitate myself but now I knew I could start.  I had an explanation that made sense of all the symptoms, and a way to switch them off!

It wasn’t always plain sailing. Getting my first cold a few weeks afterwards was a challenge and there were others too, but I worked it through.  I have had fewer viral infections since I took the LP seminar, despite previously having flu almost every year since I was a young child.  Since taking LP I also have been able to eat any foods on the menu without IBS pain, a condition I had from age 17.

I have been able to build and live a ‘normal life’ since the seminar.  I’ve snorkelled on the great barrier reef, had a go at cross country skiing in Norway and scuba diving in Antigua, I exercise regularly and really enjoy every aspect of my life, I was and am able to make the most and best of every life event.

I trained to be an LP practitioner soon after finishing the course and I worked full time in the field for 13 years and was so fortunate to be able to witness hundreds of people also take an extraordinary LP journey.

I am eternally grateful to Phil Parker for his intelligence and determination to create and develop the LP into the most extraordinary life-changing course.