This is for everyone who has ME, especially those of you who just know deep inside that there is a reason for having ME but you haven’t figured out what it is yet and don’t know where to start looking for the answers, for those of you who are not ready to give up and accept that ME is just a part of your life now and for those of you who feel desperate because you simply cannot carry on living the way you are. I am just like you and you are not alone.

Living with ME for the past 10 years, I watched my life gradually fall apart. Relapse after relapse forced me to quit working, my marriage suffered as a result of the stress of diminishing finances and my deteriorating health and I eventually became virtually housebound. I tried many different forms of medicine, diets, counselling and therapy (including 6 years of psychotherapy) but nothing gave lasting results. I became unable, physically or mentally, to socialise or cope with normal day-to-day tasks of living and that is when the depression hit me the hardest. I was spiralling out of control with suicidal thoughts stronger than ever before, not knowing how to get out from the depths of the horrendous black hole…the days seemed to morph into one and I felt I had been robbed of my life and reduced to a shadow of my former self…life appeared so utterly hopeless. However, I managed to read a book suggested to me by my Mum, called “WHY ME? My Journey from ME to Health & Happiness” by Alex Howard. It is an incredible true story of great courage which touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes as I realised I really was not alone in this suffering and that there was a point to it all. Despite struggling to read some of it through tears and fatigue, it ignited a tiny flame of hope deep inside me which inspired me to fight again. Shortly after finishing the book I had many dreams with messages telling me not to give up and that I must put every last ounce of my energy into getting my good health and ultimately my life back!

My next step was to apply for the Phil Parker Lightning Process (, a 3 day training course involving a combination of hypnotherapy, life coaching and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) which effectively re-trains the brain to send out new signals to the body to enable the natural healing process. I attended the course only last week and I learnt the tools I require to permanently turn my life around and as a result I am now creating the life I love! I was amazed at the changes happening deep within me as early on as day 2 of the course. By day 3 I was able to physically and emotionally let go of the pain I had been consciously and unconsciously holding onto within me for all those years and I have replaced it with love in my heart. For the first time in my life I now believe in myself and my ability to achieve my goals and create a truly wonderful life which I deserve. I also understand that by approaching the world in this new and powerful way I am not only influencing my own life but I am also influencing the lives of those around me whom I come into contact with in an incredibly positive way. I now wake up feeling excited about the day ahead, I have increased sustained energy levels, my muscles are relaxed and free of pain, I smile more because I am happy, I feel like my marriage has been renewed and people are commenting on how different I look! I tell them that this is the real me, this is who I really am.

I believe that everyone deserves a life that they love and everyone has the potential to achieve this no matter what. Kat.

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