We received this email a couple of weeks ago from a client who took the Lightning Process course 13 years ago…
Yesterday I found myself near Swallows in Henfield and suddenly my time with Linda Morgan doing the Lightning Process about 13 years ago came flooding back. I had a very vivid memory of the drawing exercise of what were going to do when we were better.
I can see my drawing now so clearly – snorkelling, gardening, weekend city breaks, time with friends and family, swimming, trips to art galleries, climbing a mountain and holidaying in Australia.  Yesterday it dawned on me that most of those things I could only dream about then I now do often, thanks to the Lightning Process and Linda.
So a massive thank you to you both.  It has changed my life so much.  I had had ME for 12 years when I went on the course and it started me on the road to recovery.  I am now 95% better.
I decided to phone Linda today and we had a wonderful conversation. It was so very good to reconnect and I am so pleased she has had 900 people on her courses and managed to help so many people with ME.
Thank you and keep up the good work.