Whether it’s where we want to be in five years’ time, what we hope from our personal relationships, the aspirations we have for our children or the desires about upgrading our lives, the ability to think and plan for the future is a skill that has been central to the success of the human race.  But sometimes it works against us, comparing our current situation to an ideal one and focusing on the things that we think will ‘make us truly happy’…

What if, you could harness ‘the happy’ right now?

The good news is – you can, by learning how to truly be in the moment.  There really is something to be said for the old adage ‘it’s about the journey, not just the destination’.  If you think about it, what a missed opportunity it is to always look to the future and not enjoy the present.


Here are my top tips on how to live in the now:

1. Practice makes ‘present’ – being present is a skills that takes practice.  Here are some simple ways to start the habit:

  • Acknowledgement – spend a few moments recalling a time you felt deeply present. It may take a little time at first but there will be a number of moments that stand out for you.
  • Regular meditation – set as little as 10 minutes aside a day to sit, undisturbed and meditate. This will allow you to calm your mind, your thoughts and give you a break from your daily routine.  Start your meditative journey by joining me for my free weekly meditation at 6.30pm via Facebook live each Wednesday evening.  There are also meditations and other resources on my YouTube channel, and a wide range of useful resources in my store.
  • Mindful activities – it’s important you pause the busyness of life and get involved in an activity which you can be truly present in.  Running or jogging is a well-researched way of slowing your thoughts down and clearing your mind.  If you’re not feeling quite as energetic, taking a walk, or even just sitting down with a nice cup of tea, TV off and mobile phone away each day is also a really great way to become mindful.

2. Set out your intentions – doing this on a daily basis can really allow you to focus on who you are in that moment and will also provide a roadmap for you for the day.  Intentions provide us with reminders on how we want to live our lives.  It could be as simple as ‘I will drink two pints of water today’ or ‘I choose to approach everything with calmness today’.

3. Embracing Gratitude – as humans, we have a tendency to move towards a ‘negativity bias’.  Humans have evolved to survive and to avoid danger to achieve this.  Although standing in a shop queue or running late isn’t as life threatening like running away from a wild animal as our ancestors may have done, our brains still have a tendency towards the negative.  By being mindful of and taking time to think about the things which are going well for you and things you can be thankful of, which could be a free coffee from the shop you’ve been queuing at, a message from a friend you’ve not heard from in a while, or even the sun shining on your face.  It’s important we take time out to embrace these things to help us develop increased resilience.

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