In March 2009 I was in a very dark place of despair and immense pain. I was taking two different types of strong pain killers and yet I could feel pain in every part of my body. I was exhausted and sore every moment of the day. I kept forgetting things and felt like my brain was very full of the “fybro fog.” I felt so low as I did not want to spend my time resting on and off all day without ever feeling rested. I woke up with dread every morning at another day of battling pain and fatigue to ensure I could look after my two precious boys. By the time I got them to school and playgroup I was exhausted and felt so angry that fybromyalgia was robbing me and my family of so much fun and enjoyment of the simplest things of life. My husband John was extremely patient and helpful but I constantly felt sad that I could not be the wife that I once was. Every day he would come home after a busy day at work to begin working at home as I was so tired and unable to function normally.

It is incredibly hard to believe that seven weeks on I am still Lynda yet I am a different person. I have applied the Lightning Process and what a transformation there has been!! I wake up feeling refreshed and excited about the day ahead. I enjoy time with the boys in the mornings before school and then go on to enjoy a packed day! I am running and getting fit! I have lost nearly a stone and feel so healthy and vibrant! I am enjoying more organisation and happiness in my home. I am able to run around with my boys and greet John with a smile on my face every day after his work. He can barely keep up with me and he himself would say that the positive effects of the Lightning Process in me has in turn transformed his life too! Words are inadequate in describing the immense joy I am doing in my life. The big things like being able to run but also the little things like not having to avoid climbing the stairs, being able to enjoy standing watching my son play a football match, seeing the joy on my little boy’s face when I can chase him, pick him up and swing him around!! These are things that I never dreamt would be possible for me yet here I am, truly living the life I love!

I heard about the Lightning Process a long time ago but was very cynical and kept thinking there is no way that someone can be changed that much in three days. How wrong I was!! When I had been accepted on the course I was so excited and for the first time ever began to think what my life may be like if I was well. Despite a lot of nerves and fears I took a very courageous step and went to London on my own. I was doing a lot of doubt thinking I had made a big mistake and that there was no way I could even manage getting to the course each day. I am so, so pleased that I did not allow those doubts to hold me back! As soon as I met my trainer I felt at ease and was amazed that I had the ability to concentrate for so long – that had not happened for years! After the first morning session I began to see remarkable results. John could hardly believe it was me when I spoke to him on the phone that night as I was so bubbly and so excited about all I had done in the first day! I had walked for a long distance and then had a swim! The results kept coming as I applied what I learnt and by the time I left I was so excited about showing the new me to my family! People have been amazed at the many positive changes that I have achieved through the lightning process. The support and encouragement that I have received from my family and friends has been so fab. Also the support and training I received was outstanding. However the most remarkable and exciting thing for me is that I have brought about such profound changes in myself that I have transformed my health and outlook on life is such a positive way.