Long Covid and the Lightning Process

Long Covid had hit Marion’s health hard. She recovered using the tools from the Lightning Process. She talks about her experiences of Long-Covid and PoTS (postural tachycardia syndrome), and how taking the Lightning Process with Fiona Finch turned everything around.

“I caught COVID last March 2020. 

And I was pretty poorly initially with it and then it got worse, and I had a few months in and out of the hospital. 

My covid became Long Covid.

What are some of the long-term effects of COVID-19?

It was really grim, horrible and then I started recovering a bit and doing a bit better and then just got worse. 

Then my blood pressure and my heart got involved and I was admitted back to the hospital and diagnosed with PoTS (postural tachycardia syndrome). 

As a result, I spent about three months horizontal in beds being looked after by my husband and my kids, which is really not what you want. 

Autonomic Nervous System problems

I spent some time reading and researching into PoTS and Long Covid and about how PoTS is caused by the autonomic nervous system going a bit awry.  

Then I remembered hearing about the Lightning Process and thinking, it helps reset those systems. So I contacted Fiona Finch, an Occupational Therapist and Lightning Process practitioner who is very experienced in helping those with Long Covid recover. 

How long does it take to recover from Long Covid?

I did the Lightning Process and made phenomenal changes really quickly so the PoTS symptoms just resolved over 48 hours and I could stand up again and start doing things again. And since then I haven’t looked back. I have been up, just loving feeling well and rebuilding my muscles and my fitness.  

I saw my cardiologist the other day and he just couldn’t believe the transformation in me. 

I’m living a great life. I am working again. I’m teaching singing, I’m leading choirs. I’m gardening, planting peas and sweet peas, and just loving feeling so good.  

If you are in a place where you’re not loving your life, where you’re stuck feeling pretty rubbish and thinking, ‘am I ever going to get better?’- you can, you can get better.  

Does the Lightning Process work for Long Covid?

It did for me. Look into the Lightning Process for Long Covid and PoTS- It’s based on science. People have been using it for years successfully and there’s a wealth of research supporting its use for a range of conditions. The coaches are fabulous, and you could recover too. You could bounce back, don’t wait.  

Don’t waste another day because it’s just so great to be living a fantastic life again and I just wanted to share that with you  

All the best and If you are thinking about it- Go for it.