Recently we have had some amazing testimonials sent to us.  Below is Steph’s story, she took the Lightning Process 7 years ago…

I did the Lightning Process in 2014 after being diagnosed with ME 7 years earlier.  Age 40, I became unwell after having a nasty cold virus that I never seem to properly recover from.  I was previously a very fit active person, I worked part-time and had 2 young children.  After the virus I had little energy, I was dizzy every morning, had brain fog and pain in my body and generally felt like I had flu.  After a year I gave up work as I was struggling to manage a supervisory position when I could not think straight or manage a whole day in the office.  I could not join in with the children’s activities.  I got them to school, rested and then collected them from school.  That was my life.

I did the Lightning Process and it transformed my life.  I had some success after the course but not totally.  I phoned my practitioner 3 times over 2 weeks and she supported me to finally get there.  Suddenly something really clicked and I knew I could do it.  I started using everything I was taught on the course and my health just came back.  I spent all day decorating and then cooked dinner.  I went out to a May Day festival with friends and came back with energy.  I went to the cinema and to watch a band.  Whilst I had ME my biggest problem had been noise and overly stimulating environments would set me back days.  I was so happy I could go out and not be affected. I started volunteering at a local charity and a few months later when a job came up I applied for it and was successful.  I took up jogging and joined a gym.  I bought a bike and went on a group cycle with an organised ride.  Life became amazing to do all the things I had dreamed about when ill.  My children were older but I still had not missed all their childhood and it was wonderful to do things with them for the first time.  I have gone from strength to strength and this year did a Wolf Run, cycled 50 miles and I am doing a charity 10km run in October.  I cannot thank Phil Parker enough for developing the Lightning Process.