We regularly receive feedback from clients who have taken the Lightning Process from all around the world.  Here is another that we received from Elizabeth, who took the LP with Nikki Bray down in New Zealand:

“Using the Lightning Process gave me tools to deal with pain that has greatly reduced it.  It helped me to look at my beliefs and weed out the ones that were preventing me from living the life I love.  I now have hope and believe that I am going to be able to do all the activities that I was looking forward to now that I have more time.
Since completing the Lightning Process I have continued to use the LP and am starting to apply it to other areas of my life, such as before bed for a good night’s sleep with great effect.
It was a very enlightening and positive experience which I know is going to have a profound and life-changing effect on my life.  Nikki is a wonderful and inspiring presenter of the course.  So happy that Phil chose to share the Lightning Process with the world.”