“I am a Covid 19 long hauler having been through Covid, pneumonia and being left with post viral fatigue symptoms which prevented me doing very much at all. My body hurt all over, I had to choose what I might try to do each day, I wanted to sleep but sleep gave little relief from the pain and fatigue. I knew of the Lightning Process and it’s success with Chronic Fatigue and decided I had nothing to lose and much to maybe, gain.

I looked at the practitioners, read the lead in book and selected Lauren. Why? Well she seemed to smile a lot in her pictures, seemed lively and upbeat when I spoke to her, was very positive and inspired and challenged me to try the process. I was unsure about doing the course via Zoom but Lauren convinced me this would be fine. It was! And she was all that I had assumed about her and much more. The best thing she did? After the first check up a week after the course when I was a bit down because I hadn’t achieved 100% wellness, she sent me a lovely uplifting and inspiring email.

As a result of completing the course and carrying on with the daily work of the process, I now no longer worry about what I can manage to do each day. I have walked 8 miles in a day, helped someone with complicated contract problems, I go out and don’t worry if I will have the energy to cope. I drive quite significant distances, I socialise as Covid permits, I dance regularly, a big thing for me. Essentially, I live my life. On occasional challenging days, I do the process and am soon back on track. This is all put against conventional medicine who offered me painkillers.

I have used the process for other areas in my life where I wanted change or acceptance and it has worked each time. Sometimes it needs me to keep going on a subject on a daily basis, sometimes it has enabled me to move on having resolved the issue. I love the catch ups after the course is completed, I shall miss these when they come to an end but I feel I will have the process for life and always think of Lauren fondly who helped me at a desperate time in my life. Should I ever slip back I would have no hesitation in asking for some more help from her.

I would be a shadow of my current self without The Lightning Process. It allowed me to get my life back instead of being stuck in a very poorly state of health. I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you are considering “shall I”? My advice would be – Do it!”

Alison, East Sussex