A couple of months ago, we featured an update from a client shortly after she had taken the seminar:

What positive change did you make over the three days of the Lightning Process training?

I felt more confident and happy, I was able to do much more than I had done in the past and I saw old thought patterns completely disappearing.

What positive changes have made since completing the Lightning Process?

In the 2 weeks since completing the course my whole life has done a complete 180.  Almost all of my CFS/ME symptoms have been resolved, I was completely astounded by the changes that I felt.

We recently received this update so we wanted to share it with you too!

I’ve been continuing to make great progress with the Lightning Process and am so grateful for it. I have just spent my first week living alone in a flat independently, cooking for myself for the first time in 10 years, seeing friends, going for evening swims at the beach and I’m off to a music festival next weekend!

We love to receive updates from LP clients at whatever stage after their training – it’s just so amazing to see the changes that people can make using the Lightning Process.