“Climbing Mount Batur in Bali above the sea of clouds was one of the things that I imagined doing when I was struggling from Long Covid.
When doing the Lightning Process I imagined going there in the future again and again. It was amazing to finally go there in real life!
Before we went on that hike I was quite apprehensive.
After doing the Lightning Process I had tried hiking a few times. I managed to do the hikes but the old symptoms came back for a week or so each time after and I needed to continue using the process.
This time was different.  It was an intense 4-hour hike so I was certain that I was going to suffer after.
But I didn’t. I was able to get on with my week as usual after it without having any old symptoms.
This was the last big test for me.  I really feel that I have conquered Covid now and am so grateful to you for getting me here!
I hope this experience can help others to see that you really can make a complete recovery, even if it takes a few attempts.”