In March 2020 I believe I was ill with COVID-19 as testing was not available I never tested positive.  The initial illness was mild and no worse than any cold or virus I had previously had.  I worked full time have a family and exercised around 5 times a week either running or cycling.  At the end of April I appeared to have a relapse, I was then unable to do any of my usual activities due to crippling fatigue and other viral symptoms.  This carried on until January 2021.  I was not getting much help from my own doctor as any tests I had came back normal as far as they were concerned there was nothing wrong with me.  However I was unable to do anything without bringing on a relapse of my symptoms and ending up in bed.  I was recommend the Lightning Process by a friend and as soon as I spoke to Pippa my practitioner I felt better as I had hope that there was something that would help.  Since doing the course (one week ago from writing this) I have been walking an hour a day with no issues and have resumed my life at the same intensity as before.  I’m now confident that I can get back to the exercise I enjoy so much and regain my fitness.

Nicola B, South Gloucestershire