Positive changes during the seminar:
More knowledge of how ME works and how to overcome it.  Belief and starting to relieve tiredness.

Positive changes after the seminar – 2 months on:
Lots of changes: I now have more energy.  I work 37-40 hours a week now (self employed) instead of 15-20 and still have time and energy to do things in the evenings.  I’ve expanded my business and am studying too.  I get up early most days to walk the dog (something I really struggled with before).  I’ve rebuilt and replanted my garden – all by myself – until the snow stopped me!

I’ve used the LP to take away the pains (lack of comfort!) in my knees, both on waking in the morning and particularly whenever it got cold.  With daytime temperatures of minus 14 it’s been a blessing to be able to walk the dog in comfort.  The pain never troubles me anymore, if it starts to I know what to do and can ‘lose’ it within minutes.

I’ve driven myself about, gone out for coffees, stopped in busy places.  I’ve been out and about, busy for a full day, and basically been just a ‘normal’ person.  I’ve got things done about 3 times quicker than I used to – I’m even able to walk quicker!  I’m much more efficient at my work – I can concentrate more easily and my brain feel more ‘sharp’ – so again I can get almost twice as much done in the same time.

We’ve now got big plans for home and garden renovations, booked a walking holiday in Scotland, and can join in the makeover of my father-in-laws house and garden which we need to smarten up to sell – because I know these things will be no problem for me anymore.

I can also approach life in a more relaxed attitude knowing I can adapt to what the day brings (rather than being stuck in a rigid and carefully planned routine).

Thanks so much to Jenny and to Phil for developing this programme – I haven’t got my life back – better than that – I got a new fantastic life I want!

Charlotte took the Lightning Process for CFS/ME – pain and tiredness – present for 4 years following flu-like symptoms