I am writing to share my Lightning Process success story…
I came to the lightning process after a long time of considering if it was right for me and I am so glad that I chose to take the training.  For 11 years I was experiencing pain and fatigue from fibromyalgia.  The process has helped me so much as it provided me with the tools to make amazing improvements in my life.  I am living with so much more comfort, ease and energy than I have in many years.  I am getting to enjoy things again that I didn’t think would be possible for me.  My practitioner was wonderful, she explained everything so well and had such a contagious positive energy.  She was super kind and supportive during all stages of the Lighting Process journey.  I really couldn’t have asked for a better practitioner.  I am so thrilled with the positive changes I have made so far and can’t wait to see what other improvements I can make.
Thank you,