Up until March 2020, the Lightning Process was only delivered by working face to face with a practitioner who would carefully teach and coach you on how to learn the skills of the Lightning Process to improve chronic health and wellbeing issues. This is because Lightning Process Practitioners have to be incredibly observant of subtle changes in language, body language and posture of those learning the LP, and until recently the limitations of technology had prevented the LP seminars being taught over Skype or other such online platforms.

However, when it became clear that Covid-19 was going to change day to day life for some time and prevent travel and training in groups it became necessary to reassess if technology had moved on enough to deliver the same quality of the training as a face to face seminar.

Much like in the early days of developing the LP, it was time to explore, to see what was possible and get creative with the new tools available. First I looked at the practicalities of delivering the seminar in this new way – what the platform would work best, what extra resources would be needed to ensure that clients had a good understanding of the tools not just during the training but after the seminar as well, what needed to change in the delivery of an online seminar to ensure that clients who were ill would have a solid understanding of the concepts and tools, and how this would all piece together.  This involved redesigning the presentation slides and materials of the established seminar to make it work for the new way of delivering.  Next was to consider what additional training all my highly skilled practitioners would need to effectively deliver it in this new format and style.  My team worked around the clock, pulling everything together, spending time individually working with practitioners and creating new materials, but finally, we were confident that it was possible.  We ran pilot studies with clients and were pleased to see that they were making the amazing changes we had come to expect from the Lightning Process.  And we received their feedback…

“For me doing LP over Zoom worked fine.  I really felt connected and in the ‘same room’.  Based on my experience I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.”

Now 6 weeks on, just over half of our practitioners are able to offer the seminars online and this number is increasing all the time.  The online seminars are available not only here in the UK, but in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Canada, Russia, Germany, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, France, and the Republic of Ireland (you can find details of your local practitioner here) meaning that clients around the world have access to these life-changing tools.

And the feedback we are receiving from clients continues to show that they are making great change and that in some cases there are even added benefits from taking the course this way…

“Working via Zoom worked really well for me as the old me would have been scared of a new house, new people etc. so it was good to be in my own space.  I don’t think I could have made more change meeting face to face, so I would definitely recommend the Process via Zoom.  Thanks for giving me the tools to make change.”

It’s been another exciting chapter for the LP and an important one at this challenging time.

You can find full information about taking the Lightning Process online here: https://lightningprocess.com/the-online-lp-seminar  Please contact me or my practitioners around the world if you have any questions about the Lightning Process and taking the LP online.

Stay safe and well