Barney, aged 10, took the LP for CRPS. He recently sent us this update.
It’s a really moving video. as it documents what life was like before and after taking the Lightning Process.

Thank you, Barney, for sharing this with us!

Never heard of CRPS? – well you’re not alone. It’s not that common but is a very serious and debiliating illness.

CRPS stands for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. It’s a condition where the patient has chronic pain, often after an injury, that does not resolve. It’s commonest in 25-30 year olds and often affects the leg or arm. The pain can be accompanied by changes in colour of the skin and changes in nails and hair. There’s quite a lot of confusion about what causes it, but there is general agreement that it’s the result of a disruption in the normal working of the nervous system. This, as you may know, is something that the Lightning Process is regularly used for.

One common and very difficult symptom to live with is hypersensitivity to touch, where even the touch of a bed sheet on the area is be impossible to tolerate. Standard treatments range from physio to drugs and even surgery, but results are poor and it is often classed as having no known cure. This makes Barney’s case, and the hundreds of other cases we’ve seen, such important news for sufferers. Because if they can completely recover and return to life as it was before the CPRS, then maybe it’s possible for others too.