The LP Seminar – Basic Details

Once you have listened to ‘Part 1 of the Lightning Process’ and chosen your practitioner the next stage is to take the Lightning Process seminar.

The seminar is an interactive teaching experience, offered online or face to face.  It is run over 3 consecutive half-days – each session lasting between 3-5 hours.  There is the option to take the seminar in a small group or as a 1:1.  If you choose to take the seminar in a group there will be a small number of other people with similar issues to you (possibly with parents/carers, if required).

The course has been designed to be engaging and keep your attention.  It will be led by an experienced, highly trained practitioner who will use a coaching style that encourages self-reflection whilst being caring and compassionate.  The practitioner will guide you through the materials using a range of slides, stories, videos and handouts.

A number of key concepts are explained, discussed and practised within the seminar; all of which are designed to encourage an understanding of how we can use the brain to make changes to our body’s level of health.  These topics include:

  • How important the words we use are in activating brain pathways
  • How movement can change brain activation and health
  • How to develop a supportive internal dialogue

The practical teaching elements include mental rehearsal techniques, the use of simple postural exercises, movements and gestures (including a ‘stop’ process to interrupt unhelpful pathways) and self-coaching tools that help to steer the brain towards pathways that stimulate better physiology and recovery.

Each day some simple tasks are given, including self-devised goal setting, that help put the tools into practice and ensures the main teaching points have been understood.  On day 2 and 3 some time is spent reflecting on successes and any issues when using the tools outside of the seminar (this is why it’s run over 3 consecutive days).

You can find out more about the format and what you will need to take the seminar online by clicking the link below:

You can find out more about the cost of taking the seminar and what is included in your course fees by clicking on the button below – please note that this is only a guide as you will need to contact your chosen practitioner for full details about this:

For the past several months, I have been facing neck and shoulders pain that have been worse to the point of no longer being able to do sports unless I am permanently blocked.  For months, I’ve been “managing” these pains more or less well any way I can and a few appointments with my osteopath.  But when it got worse and I was no longer able to do sports, I realized I couldn’t go on like this anymore.

So I called Ann Grandchamp and did the Lightning Process training with her via zoom.  In 3 days of training with Ann, I re-worked the connections between my head and body. Every day I trained my brain to get it to accomplish what I wanted to achieve.  And 2 weeks later, with regular practice for a few minutes each day, I have no pain anymore. This is absolutely incredible.  And I now use it regularly for many other aspects of my life: dealing with frustrations, anxieties, changes…

Laurence, Took the LP online with Ann Grandchamp

In May 2020 I was coached through the LP.  I had had post-viral fatigue since November 2018 and, while I had been able to improve my symptoms by meditating daily and making other lifestyle changes, I still hadn’t addressed the core problem and regularly fell into a trough.  Following a couple of recommendations, I contacted the team and was lucky enough to have them lead my training.  My trainer was incredibly clear and compassionate, able to help me make sense of something that felt counter-intuitive at the time.  Each part of the journey was illustrated with examples from her own experience and those of some of her other clients, showing how the theory worked in practice.  My training was highly interactive – despite having been conducted over Zoom – which is a testament to my practitioner’s amazing skills and the overall design of the programme.  I’m pleasantly surprised by what I’ve achieved with the LP already, and feel fortunate to have acquired an important set of tools.

John, Took the LP online

“Doing the Lightning Process online was pretty easy using Zoom.  Amanda Ashley was my practitioner and it went smoothly.  You’ll do a preliminary Zoom meeting with your practitioner so you will feel comfortable using this format before starting the seminar.  You can see everyone in the group throughout and, when slides are shown, group members still appear off to the side.  Nothing important was lost by doing this online and there was the benefit of being comfortable in your own surroundings and in comfortable clothes, plus no travel time!  There are at least 3 one-on-one sessions included in what you paid with your practitioner afterwards which I found very helpful to keep up the momentum and keep me on track.”

Amanda, Took the LP online with Amanda Ashley

“I loved the whole online LP training!  After less than a week I’m already amazed at myself and what I can do.  It would not have been possible for me to travel to do the training in person, so it was an awesome opportunity to do it online and a wonderful experience.  I learned so much from watching the others in my group, and Amanda was there 100% for each of us.  I wasn’t sure about being in front of a screen for that long, but the material is so engaging that the time went really quickly and I managed it easily.  In some ways I think online was even better than in-person would have been because I had the flexibility and comfort of being in my own home, and the screen kept me totally focused.  I would recommend online LP to anyone considering it!”

Maria, Took the LP online with Amanda Ashley

“I really loved doing the Lightning Process online!  It was really lovely to give support to each other during the group sessions.  It was very easy to get submerged into the experience, even when doing it online.”

Louise, Took the LP online with Lauren Stoney

“I found the online course really good and the cosy seminar feel very conducive to learning the process.  After just one day I was feeling the benefit and after the second day I was able to go a 4 mile walk straight after the seminar finished. I haven’t been able to do that in 8 years.

Jennifer, Took the LP online with Helen James