The kind of changes you can expect

After listening the Part 1 audio programme
Participants tell us that listening to part 1 and applying its tools has resulted in changes to their symptoms, a deeper understanding of the Lightning Process and increased optimism about their future so this is the preparation we recommend for all clients before taking the seminar itself.

During the seminar
Within the three days working closely with your practitioner, you will learn and understand the tools Lightning Process and start to apply them.  Most people get significant change in at least one of their symptoms during this period.  Some resolve the majority of their issues whilst others take a little longer in applying the skills, either because they are unfamiliar with them or they have more challenges to resolve.

You will learn how important it is to be deeply kind to yourself as you learn these skills; and how self-compassion is an essential component of encouraging health.  You will also learn how to switch off pathways that don’t help your health to flourish, and to switch on pathways that will directly change how your physiology works.

After the seminar
You will learn to balance your recovery with sensible levels of activity, whilst using your new skills to assist your physiology to improve so you can comfortably do more.

As with any training, much like riding a bike, once you have learnt the skills they are yours for ever, although you will have to put them into practice on a regular basis, especially in the first few weeks after the seminar to develop a strong familiarity with them.

Are there any unpleasant side-effects or downsides?
In our 21 years of experience, and supported by recent research with the University of Bristol, applying these compassionate and gentle brain and body retraining techniques in alignment with the training and with the help of a supportive coach will not produce downsides or unpleasant side-effects.

Unsurprisingly, not putting the skills into to practice is unlikely to improve your health from its pre-course state.  In this case, depending on your issues, the effort of travelling and attending the course, or the emotional upset of not getting what you hoped for, may have the usual kinds of effects on your wellbeing.  These however can be resolved by seeking the support of your coach and using the tailored tools of the LP in a compassionate way.