Lightning Process Practitioners in the USA

We have two experienced Lightning Process Practitioners who offer courses in the USA – they are ready to support and guide you through your Lightning Process journey to health.  Please choose the best one for you.

The Lightning Process is offered in two formats – face to face and live online.  Only live online courses are offered in the USA at this time, if you’d like to take the seminar face to face then please contact us and we can discuss this further with you.

Choosing your practitioner
It is important that you choose your practitioner carefully as this is the person who you will be working closely with.  There are lots of ways to find out who is the best practitioner for you, you can:

  • Find information about them and their background from their website
  • Go to their social media profiles to watch videos and get to know them
  • Read feedback from clients who have worked with them
  • Most importantly give them a call and have a chat with them – they will answer any questions that you have and discuss the suitability of the LP for you

The next stage…
Once you have chosen your practitioner you will need to complete a short application form with basic details about yourself and what you’d like to work on.  This will get you thinking about what you’d like to achieve and change by taking the Lightning Process.  After submitting this to your chosen practitioner they will arrange a time to speak to you to talk through this, ask you a few questions and ensure that the LP is the right approach for you.  Following this conversation they will confirm your place on the course and send you all the details that you need ahead of the training.  If you have questions at any stage, then contact your practitioner and they will be able to help you.

Your safety
Your safety is of the utmost importance to all of us; only practitioners on the Register are approved by us, hold current knowledge of the Lightning Process and are legally entitled to run LP seminars so please ensure that you choose your practitioner from this website.

Practitioner Training, Development and Advanced Status
You can find full information about the training our highly skilled practitioners have undertaken, the requirements for continuing their registration with us and why some of our practitioners are listed as Advanced Practitioners by clicking on the link below…

Please note: our LP practitioners are not medical professionals and cannot diagnose or give medical advice to clients. Please seek medical advice from your GP for this.