I was dûing failure to lose weight.

Day 1 of the seminar: 18 stone, 13 lbs
1 month on: 17 stone 12 lbs!!

Positive Changes during the seminar:
* Stopped believing I was a failure and it was impossible
* Recognised I could make the right choices
* Saw myself in the future, fit, healthy, no weight issues

Positive Changes since the LP:
* Lost 1 stone in weight (with ease)!
* Consistently making good choices
* Healthy relationship with food
* Feeling fitter

This is a beautifully simple yet profound process. Crucially for me the fact that I’m training my brain to create new positive pathways has been a real spur to work at it.  Also the road map image is brilliant, as falling off the ‘diet wagon; and giving up had been a regular occurrence.  Now I actively make good choices and when I eat a little too much I know that I will re-route immediately and get back on track (such a fundamental change for me).

I follow no particular diet plan other than the ‘5-2’ if I feel weight isn’t moving, I’m amazingly comfortable around food and am even happy to make sensible/healthy choices in restaurants (unheard of)!

The training has/is doing it’s job, there is a fundamental, mental shift in my thinking about myself and food.  It’s no longer if but when I reach target weight.  I am living the life I love.

From Jan
Took the LP for Weight with Jenny Gilmore