The LP Online Seminar

This page includes a little bit of extra information you will need to know if you are taking the seminar online – if you would like to find out about taking the seminar generally then please click on the button below:

The course will be run over Zoom (if you are unfamiliar with Zoom the practitioner will show you how to use it – it’s free to download the software – and help you practice using it in a pre-course call).

What you will need:

  • Access to the internet
  • Use of a printer – to print out the handouts (these will be sent to you in advance of the course) 
  • An empty space to walk around in (it will need to be about 4ft by 4 ft (1.2 sqm)
  • A computer with a webcam most modern ones have this built-in and a well-lit room so the practitioner can see how you are getting on during the seminar
  • A place where you won’t be disturbed so you can concentrate on the training

“The LP seminars on Zoom were fantastic. I virtually ‘met’ my practitioner before the seminars, so by the time we got working on the LP we had already established a connection and ensured I was comfortable working with the technology. For me, it was a blessing to be able to do the process in my usual surroundings, as I found this helped me to integrate the LP into my daily life with ease. There was a flow between practising online with guidance and moving into the following days having the ‘blueprint’ of the LP all around me, in the very room where I had done the seminars on Zoom. The communication was clear all the way through, and my practitioner was so engaging that at times I forgot we were on computer screens. I highly recommend doing the online version of the course.”

Suzi, Took the LP online

“I am 100% pleased with everything and I got super quick results even though I did the seminar online.  I feel like that didn’t make any difference to my results.”

Sarah, Took the LP online with Lauren Stoney

“After doing the Lightning Process online I feel like a brand new me! I’m already able to influence my symptoms, and I have a whole new perspective on life and feel really encouraged that I’m going to reach my goals.

At first I had reservations about doing the LP online, but what I found was that it worked really well. If anything I thought it was an advantage to be in my own environment where I could feel completely relaxed. The technology part was easy, and I didn’t experience any drawbacks to learning this way. In fact I felt very much at ease and connected, and benefitted from all the helpful tips and encouragement. I would recommend the online LP to anyone who feels ready to change their life.”

Andrew, Took the LP online with Amanda Ashley

“For me doing LP over Zoom worked fine.  I really felt connected and in the ‘same room’.  Based on my experience I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.”

Ted, Took the LP online with Kathy Kent

“Working via Zoom worked really well for me as the old me would have been scared of a new house, new people etc. so it was good to be in my own space.  I don’t think I could have made more change meeting face to face, so I would definitely recommend the Process via Zoom.  Thanks for giving me the tools to make change.”

Hannah, Took the LP online

“I was really keen to start the process having listened to Phil’s home study section.  Knowing how much I learn from people’s body language, tone of voice etc. I was definitely uncertain about learning online but knew my other option was to wait until the lockdown was lifted.  That could have been a long wait!

I am really delighted that I went ahead with the zoom sessions.  It definitely worked for me – learning from listening, watching the slide presentation and, most importantly, being watched and encouraged while I learnt the process and having the opportunity for questions and discussions, just as though we were in the same room.

Thank you again for being such a good teacher over the net.  Looking forward to my follow-up meeting next week.”

Mary, Took the LP online with Kathy Kent

“I chose to do the LP online because I could do it straight away and I didn’t want to wait.  Going into it I wasn’t completely sure that it would be as effective as doing it in-person, but what I experienced felt like an answer to a prayer.  There were no barriers at all to learning this way, and instead I think it allowed me to focus even more intensely on the training.  I came away with all the tools I needed to heal, and without a doubt I would recommend the online LP to anyone who is considering it.”

Linda, Took the LP online with Amanda Ashley

My experience with doing LP over Zoom was superb! The technology worked flawlessly, and the interaction with the instructor and the other participants was very good. It was a good mix of theory and practice and I don’t believe I would have gotten a better experience in a traditional classroom setting. It was very comfortable not having to travel and the lunch was great too 🙂 I would recommend doing the LP seminar online to anyone.

Trude, Took the LP online with Kristin Blaker