The feedback below is from a client from Germany who took the LP with me for Migraines and Sleep.

“I’m very pleased to share my feedback with you on the Lightning Process and hope this can help other people in enjoying the life they love!  A deep thank you for what you have shared with me so far, for your kind and effective support, presence and encouragement. The journey continues and I trust we stay connected.

What positive changes did you make over the three days of the LP training?

  • I have been sleeping and resting without taking sleeping pills
  • I have felt more energized and determined
  • I have been compassionate towards myself in words, tone of voice, thoughts and gestures
  • I have been checking my state regularly and stayed on track.  I have seen immediate progress on commitment and consistency in applying the Process
  • I have been willing to engage with the uneasy part of myself and took this as an opportunity to explore limiting beliefs
  • I have felt a true willingness to make this successful

What positive changes have you made since completing the LP?

  • I take time to reflect on the positives changes and I feel this is a great opportunity to train new positive pathways
  • I pay more attention to the language I use
  • I accept ‘what is’ with kindness and compassion
  • I have increased my self-awareness
  • I have learned I can be consistent
  • I am definitely more compassionate to myself, as I would be with others
  • The LP is becoming an automatic process – I experience it as an easy, approachable, effective and kind way to become a better version of myself and have the life I want!
  • I continue going to bed without taking any sleeping pills and I feel rested and energized
  • I am not doing high blood pressure as was the case in the past three months
  • Last but not least, since I first got exposed to the LP in May 2021, I am doing 1 o2 migraines per month vs 7 or 8!

The LP ignites joy, wellbeing and flourishing, thank you!”

Such inspirational change – well done Nunzia!

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