Hi Phil,

I came and did the lightening process in crouch end a few years back – I think it was April 2006? I had suffered with M.E for one year, and had experienced being completely bed bound at times, in pain, discomfort, suffering food intolerances and depressed as a result of not being able to do anything. Having M.E really damaged my confidence as I had always been a do-er and was very motivated, and suddenly I couldn’t do anything, the illness completely wiped me out, and became paranoid about others’ perceptions of the illness. The Lightening Process had very impressive, surprising and immediate results. I have never suffered with M.E. since, having decided, on coming home from London to completely detach myself from the idea of  illness and was therefore freed from the fear of a relapse. The Lightening Process gave me the tools to completely behind me, and they work.

Whilst I was doing the LP, I said that what I wanted was to be working in an arts job again – I had to leave a contemporary art gallery job I loved when I became too ill to work, that I wanted to get married, and have children. The October after I graduated from LP I started working back at the gallery I had left, in Birmingham. I then moved up to Sheffield to get married to the partner who had looked after me while I had M.E. and who accompanied me to Crouch End. I am now expecting our third baby, due in one week! All this has happened in such a short space of time! My experience of LP not only helps keep me well daily, it has informed my outlook on everything, health and life generally. I have had two successful and rewarding natural homebirths using no pain relief applying similar thinking, and plan to do the same this time round.

I am very grateful to a friend for introducing me to L.P. when I was ill, via a book called ‘Why M.E.?’. I follow with interest the coverage of M.E. and LP, and look forward to a time where it is generally much more well understood.

Many thanks to you,
Best wishes, Anna