Since becoming a mother 17 years ago and then moving country and house soon afterwards I had a succession of life limiting health problems starting with RSI. This was cured with the help of hypnotherapy but then I developed a crippling back problem. This became a pattern, one health problem was resolved to be replaced by another or similar problem. Through this I lived with headaches, migraines, anxiety and then later numbness in my hands. I had been looking for an approach for years that could put me back in charge of my life again. I heard by chance about the Lightning Process and while reading Phil’s book I finally admitted to myself that I had lived with mild OCD since childhood. I used to touch walls in the same places or check and recheck if I had done things such as turned off the iron or locked the front door.

The great news is that since doing the Lightning Process my headaches and migraines are now a thing of the past as is the OCD. Moreover, I feel that I have learned an amazing skill which I can apply as necessary to take my life forward in a positive way.

1 year on..

A year on from doing the Lightning Process, the headaches and migraines that plagued my life are a thing of the past.  I no longer carry around a medicine cabinet of drugs in my handbag.  I also ended the numbness in my hands and arms that had been a growing problem.  It is a big comfort to know that I can apply the Process to other areas of my life that need to be changed now and in the future.