“It occurred to me, as we walked to the hotel on Friday morning, that we were WALKING to the hotel.
It’s been almost a year since I did the LP.
On Thursday night, last week, I went to bed a little early, in view of the next day’s early start. I slept well. I woke up before my alarm. I had a leisurely shower, washed my hair, got dressed and applied my makeup. I put all the things that I might need during the day in my bag and then my partner and I walked to the station, where we met my friend. We boarded the train together. We had to change trains to get to Vauxhall, where we got on the tube (again, changing once) to Barbican. We then walked to the hotel, where we arrived nice and early. I had an incredible day – as I knew I would – including a lunch of something utterly unplanned and in royal contravention of all my old food rules. I remained present from start to finish. I laughed countless times. I was happy, comfortable and relaxed. We did the repeat journey home, with ease. When we got back to the house, I baked cookies and then had dinner (and cookies).
Now, to many, the above paragraph may sound unremarkable. However, in comparison to a year ago, for me, it is unrecognisable as having been written by my hand. A year ago, every statement would have been entirely different; I’m not going to write it, though. Consider it edited. 😉
Thank you.”