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Find Your Local Practitioner

There are Licensed LP Practitioners throughout the world, so please use the map or search boxes to find your nearest one… (You can search by name of practitioner, town/city, county or country.  If you’re in the UK the best thing is to search by postcode as this will bring up the 6 nearest ones to you!  If nothing comes up widen your search or contact us)

The LP is available in these countries:
Australia, Canada, France, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Sweden, the UK and the USA.  We are a small but growing profession – if your country isn’t listed yet please contact us and we can discuss what options we can offer you.

Lightning Process in Canada
If you’re visiting this site from Canada then you can meet our Canada team and find out more here

Lightning Process in Norway
If you’re visiting this site from Norway then you might want to meet our Norway team and find out more on the Forbund’s website here

Lightning Process in New Zealand
If you’re visiting this site from New Zealand then you can meet our NZ team and find out more here

Lightning Process in USA
If you’re visiting this site from America then you can meet our USA team and find out more here

Your safety
Your safety is of the utmost importance to all of us; only practitioners on the Register are approved by us, hold current knowledge of the Lightning Process® and are legally entitled to run LP seminars so please ensure that you choose your practitioner carefully.

Practitioner Training
All practitioners, regardless of their background, have completed a minimum of 12 months intensive client based training with the Phil Parker Training Institute. To graduate each practitioner must demonstrate skills and competence in delivering the training and have an in-depth knowledge of the relevant subjects required.  In order to be granted a licence to practice and be accepted onto the Register, our practitioners also need to maintain their Continuing Professional Development, undertake supervision and abide by the Register’s code of conduct.  More information about practitioner training can be found here.

Advanced Status
All our practitioners are trained to a very high standard, however you will notice that some practitioners on the Register have been awarded Advanced status, this indicates that they are the most experienced practitioners.  In order to gain and uphold this status they need to be running a set number of seminars and seeing a set number of clients per year, attend additional training and have been qualified for at least a year – most of our practitioners have been practicing for a lot longer than this!

Please note: our LP practitioners are not medical professionals and cannot diagnose or give medical advice to clients. Please seek medical advice from your GP for this.