My Success Testimony.

The Lightning Process has given me a new life and more importantly one that I now love!!!

Just like anyone else, when I did M.E. I ended up with many different symptoms and no doctors could really help nor medication or painkillers. I was hospitalized several times within the 20 months this awful illness had taken over my life!!!

I’d also tried to do physiotherapy and it didn’t help one single bit, in fact it made all my symptoms worse and I found I could do up to 2 hours a day of activity and that was it!!!

However, when I did the training programme on The Lightning Process, I was amazed to find, that when I used it in the correct way and it became automatic, the rewards I reaped were and are endless!!! By the middle of the first afternoon, I was completely out of pain and I’ve now spent just over a month being out of pain. I have been sleeping much better since doing The Lightning Process. My energy increased and from that day on I’ve been able to do much more, I’ve felt more happier and I now have a life that I love!!! I’ve always enjoyed walking and it is so wonderful to be able to go out for a walk and not feel tired, not feel unwell and to just be able to enjoy it!!! I’ve found the same with pottery and my hospital radio voluntary work!!!

I have made numerous changes and all very positive ones at that.

I have the utmost respect for both my trainer Jenny and for Phil Parker.

Yes the training programme costs money and time but if used in the right way, it will really enhance your life and you can use the tools you’ve learnt anywhere. You must be committed and want to work hard at getting the Lightning Process to be automatic in your everyday lives, trust me, it’s worth so much more than the money!!!!

On the third day I graduated, I went away with a very professional certificate signed by Phil Parker, the man himself. You also get given training materials too, there’s a ten questions book and a support CD!! The trainers are always on hand after the training’s finished to give you help if you need it and they provide two support phone calls for you too.

More about The Lightning Process can be found on the internet.

Should you choose to go on a training programme then I wish you all the luck in the world and really hope you end up with a life that you only love!!!