We recently received feedback from clare, a client who had taken the Lightning Process with Fiona Finch at the end of August.  Before the course, she had Long Covid.  Here’s what she had to say…

Changes made during the 3 days:

  • Able to be more present with my family
  • Be kinder to myself and be positive
  • To enjoy life again
  • Sit at the table with my family

Changes made since completing the LP:

  • Went to my favourite walking spot with my dog (not been for over a year)
  • Walked up my outside stairs
  • Watched TV comfortably
  • Drove my daughter to work
  • Helped my eldest daughter sort her room out
  • Had a shower (first time in 8 months, as previously could only have a bath)
  • Feel amazing!!

Thanks so much Clare for sharing your experience.  All the best!