My journey from Long Covid and CFS using the Lightning Process

Long Covid struck 25-year-old Charlotte in August 2020. She shares her experience of using the Lightning Process for Long Covid and CFS after taking the seminar with Lauren Stoney.


“Hello, my name is Charlotte and I AM 25 and I have recently done the Lightning Process course with Lauren and just wanted to share my experience of it. 

I did the course because I had an informal diagnosis of Long Covid and which was then turned into a formal diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. 

What are some of the long-term effects of COVID-19?

My symptoms started in August 2020, where I just felt kind of exhausted. Really tired all the time. 

I couldn’t do exercise without just being wiped out, and unfortunately, then I had to go off work in October. My symptoms just got so much worse and I was on the sofa for about four or five months. 

I couldn’t cook for myself. I couldn’t read a book. I couldn’t really concentrate. Couldn’t really stand up for more than five or 10 minutes. 

And even the slightest little walk was just leaving me in bed for days, and so I was having a pretty rubbish time. 

How did you choose the Lightning Process as your recovery tool?

So I kind of decided to look into this a bit more and I came across the Lightning Process. 

They did lots of reading about it  see the research) and I was a little bit sceptical, but I decided that literally, anything was worth a shot. 

At that point, I came across Lauren Stoney as a practitioner because I was looking on Instagram and I found a few people of similar age to me who had done the course with her and were all raving about how amazing she was and I am so glad that I did choose her- because they were right. 

What was the Lightning Process like?

The course was just amazing. It was so interesting. I was really worried about being a bit too tired to struggle and to do it, but actually, because it was so engaging so interesting and the way Lauren used metaphors and examples and stuff just kept me hooked on it all. 

How quickly did you get changed from your Long Covid symptoms?

It was just great and I actually started to even feel better and feel changes within myself within a couple of days of doing that. 

So now I am about or about seven weeks on from doing the course and I have I literally feel like a different person from who I was back when I was ill. 

I am now driving again. I am going to the shops I am cooking. I am seeing friends. I’ve been out for dinner and just doing all these. 

Lovely things socialising more and just feeling like myself again and I’m actually hoping to go back to work next week after seven months off. So it’s literally transformed my life. 

For anyone else who is thinking about doing it and might feel a little bit sceptical, please don’t. It is absolutely amazing and Lauren is the best practitioner I could have asked for. So thank you.