My London team created a very popular podcast series a few years ago – it’s great for people wanting to find out more about the Lightning Process but also for those who have taken the course who would like to learn further tools and how to keep their LP skills up to date!  You can find every episode in the series listed below so dive into what intrigues you!!


1: What is the Lightning Process?

2: The brain-body connection, beliefs and placebos

3: How your unconscious mind can hinder and help

4: The Power of your language

5: Ways to avoid sabotage – Part 1

6: Ways to avoid sabotage – Part 2

7: How to find happiness

8: How perfectionism stops success

9: Focusing on the positives

10: The effects of co-dependent relationships

11: Changing overwhelmed to calm and focused

12: Dealing with difficult people

13: How we distort our reality

14: Claire’s Lightning Process story

15: How to get a great nights sleep

16: Dealing with negative feelings

17: Learning to trust yourself

18: Living your life with purpose

19: Taking time for yourself

20: The power of using your imagination

21: Building your resilience

22: Moving beyond regret

23: Being compassionate to yourself

24: Cultivating emotional energy

25: How to be courageous

26: How to create balance

27: Being authentic

28: Being present

29: The power of choice

30: Finding your inner coach

31: Finding contentment in your life

32: Learning to forgive

33: Stop assuming the worst

34: Laughter is the best tonic

35: Dealing with change

36: Developing confidence

37: How to flourish

38: Being lucky

39: Grief and loss

40: Avoiding avoidance

41: Dealing with anger and frustration

42: Body language for health

43: Cultivating gratitude

44: Dealing with guilt

45: How to love

46: The power of joy

47: Dealing with illness

48: Saying No

49: Freedom from fear and worry

50: Expectations