I was doing ME (fatigue, dizziness, pain, sore throats, headaches, brain fog), Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Social Anxiety, Body Dismorphia and IBS

Positive Changes during the seminar:
My turning point was on day one when I had to ask Helen to stop the presentation as I felt so unwell.  I wanted to lie down but Helen suggested I try something different and it worked! I changed my belief that nothing could help and ‘resting’ was the only option.  In the car on the way back to the hotel, I noticed my dizziness and brain fog had gone. My mum was very shocked as we went straight to Frankie and Benny’s and ate a huge pizza and garlic bread (previously doing wheat/dairy intolerance) then we went shopping!  Instead of life usual going back to bed, I did the Lightning Process many times and felt much better.  Any time I got symptoms I used it and they instantly disappeared!

By the second day my IBS has gone!  I knew if I could eat pizza and be fine I could do anything.  My sister met us after in Manchester and we walked all around Bury markets, drank hot chocolate, ate in Nandos (with loud music!) and did more shopping.  I had a bath and washed and dried my own hair back at the hotel and had a very deep sleep.

On day 3 I felt my ME had gone and I just had the occasional symptoms I could use the LP on and they would disappear! Helen helped me work on the remaining anxiety symptoms I was doing and they improved a lot too.

Positive Changes since the LP:
Following the Process, I am improving every day.  After being bedbound for 5 years my muscles need strengthening.  I have managed easily 3 long walks, more shopping(!), bought a car, eaten hot dogs and ice cream, been to the cinema… It is like a miracle!

I feel so much happier and confident.  Other people notice and strangers come over to chat to me in shops and I love it!  I just want to enjoy every second of my life.  Phil Parker and Helen are so incredible – I can’t thank them enough for giving me an even better life than I had before!

From Katie
Took the LP with Helen James