Positive Changes during the seminar:

– All my food sensitivities have gone
– Have come off whole supplement regime and feel great
– Travelled on the train and went shopping
– Reduced ‘racing heart’
– Vastly reduced scanning for symptoms

Positive Changes since the training:

– No longer sensitive to food, lightning, smells, chemicals etc.
– Can eat whatever I want!
Spent the whole day in London – 1.5 hour train journey, eating out, walked all day, did art galleries
– After 2 years unable to work in the office, now able to return to work including 1 hour commute (had been working from home)
– Hiking in the South Downs and loving it!
– Cycling again! Building up those muscles and feel like I was 15 years ago!
– See all of life really positively
– Got rid of everything that reminds me of the bad days – ionisers, food/symptom sheets, CBT sheets, supplements, special foods, my big ‘just in case’ handbag of drugs, water, food, earplugs, sunglasses etc. etc. etc.!!
– A clearer head (I now realise I spent most of my time, almost subconsciously, scanning for symptoms)
– Still full of energy after doing any activity
– Going out for dinner!
Going to the cinema in the eve and no earplugs or sunglasses!
– Spending hours talking to friends and loving it

Took the training for CFS – multiple sensitivities (food, light, chemical etc.), limited life (e.g. walking, talking, travelling)