“Jo was the shining light in a very bleak time for Amelia, my 14 year old daughter, and I.  After months of fatigue, body pains and tears we got the Chronic Fatigue diagnosis and I began my desperate search for a way to help make her better.

We were very fortunate to hear of the Lightning Process.  I felt we had nothing to lose but was slightly dubious how Amelia was going to stay awake in order to complete the sessions when she was spending so much of her time sleeping.  But I had nothing to fear.  Jo stepped in with reassurance and support each step of the way.  Her sessions were high energy and engaging and she took lots of care ensuring the content was delivered and tailored so Amelia could fully grasp it.

The transformation in Amelia was super quick… days brought change!

I am so grateful for the Lightning Process and for Jo.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving Amelia the tools to live a life she loves and deserves.”

Natalie Dabin, Mother of Amelia.