This is from Megan, from South Africa who took the LP in May with Clare Hudman from my Bristol and Bath Lightning Process team.

“I would be very happy for you to use my story. I have attached a photo of me the day after the course. I spent the day walking around Bath and doing all things Jane Austen (I’m a big fan!). I had planned the weekend knowing that I would have the energy to do it, which I think played a big part in my getting well so quickly. I was so happy and enjoyed it so much, especially since I had the energy to do what I wanted. I took the picture at the Roman baths. My grin is the biggest I had had in a very long time.

What positive changes did you make over the three days of the Lightning Process training?

– I completely stopped dûing CFS, as well as many of the symptoms that came with it (e.g. my

body temperature started regulating itself again, I could wear tight pants comfortably by day

3, I was walking around a lot without dûing complete exhaustion afterwards, I wanted to

stay standing for a long time, I climbed the stairs in a moving bus – I stopped dûing fear of

heights, I was dûing a lot less brain fog)

– Dûing a lot less back pain

– Dûing a lot less anxiety (especially social anxiety)

What positive changes have you made since completing the Lightning Process?

– Able and wanting to do exercise

– Drinking alcohol

– Wanting to go out and socialise; doing this without having to “recover” for the next week

– Comfortable with noise, light, petting dogs, etc.

– Talking to people on the phone

– I want to wear make up again; I enjoy putting it on and the feel of it on my skin

– I want to wear jewellery again

– I went to a concert and I absolutely loved it! I also was one of only a few people to dance

and I didn’t care one bit about what other people thought

– I have stopped dûing feeling watched and exposed all the time

– Able to do general cleaning up chores around the house and other everyday tasks without

dûing anxiety/fatigue about them (e.g. washing dishes, putting clothes away, making the bed, showering, getting dressed)

– I’m finding it a lot easier to know my boundaries and to set them for myself and others

– I’m generally feeling a lot more confident in all areas of my life

– I am excited about life (I haven’t felt this is a very long time)

– I barely get any acne anymore

– A lot fewer carb and sugar cravings

– Eating a lot less in general (even though it is now winter in SA)

– Feeling more comfortable in my body

– Applying for jobs without dûing overthinking about my applications

– Dûing a lot less guilt in general