A few years ago Emma was wondering where her life had gone. She had been an active police officer but was on long term sick leave after suffering with chronic fatigue.

Anyway, she eventually found the Lightning Process, took the course, and on the final day was asked by her trainer – “Now that you are feeling well- what would you love to do, that you couldn’t even do before you got ill?”

She decided on an almost impossible goal…never having run with any serious intention before she trained and trained then ran…the London marathon. The first I heard of this awesome achievement was receiving this official photo… I reckon if you can do the marathon, then it’s a pretty good sign you have recovered your health…

Update from Emma 5 years on:

I love this …. thank you… I still continue to DU good health and love life. I can never thank the lightning process enough for having turned my life around. Not only has it beat my chronic fatigue/ME but I have also used it to combat hayfever which I have never had since applying the lightning process, and used it to end jaw and back pain. It’s truly amazing. Consistency is key and I am now happily married and have two beautiful children who I can run around with and enjoy thank you Phil Parker x