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Facts and Myths

Recently we’ve noticed a few bizarre, and untrue, facts about the LP being posted on the internet.

If I’d come across any intervention that was based on these supposed ‘facts’, I’d be extremely cautious of it – but, in fact, they are all made up, and as I designed it, I should know.

So let’s set the record straight with our Lightning Process CFS/ME fact checker.

The Lightning Process:

1. Doesn’t think psychological approaches are the answer for CFS/ME

2. Is not a psychological approach – it’s a neuro-physiological approach

3. Considers CFS/ME to be a physical illness

4. Stresses that the changed physiology of CFS/ME has to be addressed

5. Agrees that research is essential

6. Promotes the idea that CFS/ME needs to be taken seriously

7. Is clear that positive thinking or ‘pushing’ through it will not work

8. Acts from the obvious position that blaming patients is never helpful, and kindness and understanding are essential

9. Considers that using a ‘stop/interrupt’ technique on its own is unlikely to make much difference

10. Is a training, rather than a therapy or treatment

11. Works alongside medical professionals and its practitioners are often are invited to speak at medical conferences and medical schools

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    1 day ago  ·  

    I’ve been noticing the a lot recently. We’ve somehow over valued busy-nesss and stressful living.

    As a result we often forget that time is a rare precious and finite treasure and should be used with exquisite care

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    Last day of the Lightning Process seminar. This was a theme. How much of the time are we #passive, just #tolerate averageness or less than what we #deserve? Time to wake up to the #magic of life and the awesomeness within us so we can authenticity #contribute to others. #lightningprocess #psychology #choice ... See MoreSee Less

    3 days ago  ·  

    Although the word ‘life’ is thought of a noun, it’s actually a #verb, as life isn’t a static thing but a unfolding #process, a dûing. Remembering this reminds of its ability to #change, flow, surprise and be influenced by our #choices #lightningprocess ... See MoreSee Less

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