It’s difficult to put what I want to say into words. I’m so grateful for your work and your determination to find a solution to stuckness which has led to me getting a hugely improved life. Thank you!!!

I was an utter genius at dûing negative thoughts and illness for 20 years (since my early 20s). I dîd burnt out three times until last year, when I topped it off by dûing some rather impressive ME. Since my early 20s, the many GPs I went to to ask for help had no clue (did the usual blood tests and told me everything was fine) then later on, they decided I must be depressed  (well it is depressing not knowing why you’re so tired the whole time!), so they eventually popped me on antidepressants for 10yrs. Probably a very typical picture that you’ve come across a thousand times! I tried everything I could think of to get better but nothing made a significant difference until the LP.

I did the course in December of last year (with Pippa Adamson in Bristol) and have had the most brilliant change of physical and mental health. From living back with my folks (in my mid-forties!) and dûing a couple of years of epic fatigue, I’ve recently returned from 3 months travelling in Latin America where I hiked, swam and scuba’d and danced until the early hours! Something I didn’t even manage in my mid twenties without the inevitable fall-out. I can’t put into words how excited I feel that the LP has worked (I was hugely sceptical) and how I can now feel enormous  optimism about my life. What a gift!! I honestly can’t believe it still as I was such a genius at dûing “my life is over” and “what’s the point” beforehand.

Thank you Phil!!!