Both of you have recently mentioned testimonials about the Lightning Process.  I’m still building and better things are yet to come but I’ve just had my first fully symptom free week 🙂

I love the Lightning Process.  It catapulted me ahead in my healing and gave me my life back.  I feel as if I’ve dodged a bullet.

For a year before the Lightning Process I’d been doing chronic fatigue syndrome, slowly improving, then getting worse then improving, up and down.  Before that I’d been a very fit 50 year old, working full time and living a healthy life.

Chronic fatigue syndrome meant I couldn’t make the slightest exertion without inducing a poisoned feeling through my body for a number of days to weeks.  For example, once, on a three minute walk, I turned my head to the left too quickly and could feel that this was going to cause a dive.  This state of health meant retreating to a quiet, solo lifestyle, based around chasing remedies and lying on the floor 🙂

Since the Lightning Process I have rejoined the human race.  My first night home after the course I did part of an African dance class again which, during the illness, I had thought was something I’d have to say goodbye to.  What a buzz!   Everyone around me was acting as if it was a normal day but for me it was quite surreal and such a privilege.  I could really only toddle compared to the old me but it was a start and I knew I was strong enough to feel fine afterwards.

It’s been 3 months since the Lightning Process now and I’m back to twice weekly African dance classes at full speed. I’ve also used the Lightning Process to fight off multiple pending colds and it’s the middle of winter now .

Last week was quite a marker.  I spent a few days visiting family which included trampolining with my four niblings and playing physically with them.  Such fun.  I’m 60kg and lifted up my 30kg nephew.

Later in the week I went to the same beach I used to visit during chronic fatigue syndrome – at that time I’d do a 20 minute stroll then lie down for two hours.  This time I jogged for 30 minutes, including power walking up sandhills.  I still can’t believe it.  Then I went straight to a friend’s and had a 2 and a half hour full-on natter, with absolutely no symptoms.

To me the Lightning Process is the way of the future.  It seems to use what modern research is saying about how the body and brain work.  I love it and haven’t looked back.