Using neuroscience to rebuild health

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This could change my life and I didn’t have to live with ME for any longer

I had been suffering with ME for a few years and it stopped my life

I found the whole process interesting and extremely helpful.  It helped me a lot to understand the way my brain works and how I can become stronger and overcome ME,  I could best the illness.  As soon as I had done day 1 I changed a lot and had a lovely dinner out with my mum which I would have never done after a full on day (like I’d had) and never without a rest before going out.  And most importantly I felt better in myself and believed this could change my life and I didn’t have to live with ME for any longer.

Very quickly I have changed my life around,  Using the LP I have been able to get back to my ordinary life and I have had fun too.  I haven’t been worrying about needing a rest or making too many plans that I wouldn’t be able to complete.  My whole life has changed, my mood has lifted, I’ve got Becky back.  I am now enjoying life and smiling.  Something, without realising, I was never doing before.  I am living the life of a 17 year old and loving it.  I am so glad I did the Lightning Process, just like most people with ME I had tried lots of different alternative therapy/counseling/homeopathy  and began to think nothing was going to work and I was only wasting energy (something I couldn’t afford to do).  But I am so glad I gave the Lightning Process a chance.  It changed my life and I’m extremely grateful to my practitioner.


Phil Parker

About Phil Parker

Phil Parker is an internationally renowned author, speaker, therapist and innovator in the field of personal development. Phil runs the Phil Parker Training Institute in London where he train people in NLP, Coaching, Hypnotherapy and the Lightning Process. His work, including the Lightning Process, has changed the lives of thousands of people by around the world. More information about Phil can be found here.