Beth Allen, age 20, sufferer of Chronic Fatigue Symptom for 13 months

The onset of my condition came about after the extreme stress of a disappointing exam result and family problems and contracting a simple cold, following which I developed:

1. Moderate/Severe back, neck and leg aches: muscle and joint pain
2. Weak immune system: prone to colds and flu-like symptoms on a regular basis without ever fully recovering (eating citrus fruits caused sore thoughts)
3. Poor memory, ‘brain-fog’ and difficulty concentrating
4. Relentless exhaustion, tiredness and low energy (sleeping on average 14 hours a day yet still feeling fatigued)
5. High blood pressure
6. Inability to lose weight
7. Hair loss, Puffiness around the face and general poor appearance
8. Unbearable tolerance to the cold

The symptoms made working as a receptionist at a solicitors firm during my Gap Year unbearable; colleagues commented on my poor memory for remembering procedures for the most basic tasks and the simple task of walking up a flight of stairs to hand out documents ached my legs: it was like having ran a 10 mile marathon or being hit by a bus.

The doctor prescribed antidepressants for my symptoms which didn’t help at all. Having gained 2 and half in weight and over the healthy range of my BMI, I began to eat sensibly and exercising thinking I could be treated via a healthy lifestyle. Having tried this for 3 months, I didn’t see any improvements in my physical and mental health and often if I exercised for more than 12 minutes on a cross-trainer, I felt totally exhausted with excruciating aches in my body the next day (prior to the ill health I could exercise comfortably for 45 minutes).

My GP couldn’t understand why I was experiencing this and referred me to several specialists, who carried out blood tests to see if any condition could attributed to my inability to lose weight such as Cushing’s Syndrome and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. When the results came back clear, the Dr averred if I had been genuinely eating healthily and exercising, there was no reason for me not to lose weight and the aches and pains were possibly due to a hormonal imbalance but there was nothing to prescribe.

Angered and disheartened, I tried every method imaginable to relieve the weight, fatigue and aches: diet pills, herbal remedies, positive thinking and Slimming World without success. I even saw a personal nutritionist who explained my illnesses were down to the over-working of the adrenaline glands which were overproducing the stress hormone cortisol causing my body to be in a constant state of ‘fight or flight mode’. It made logical sense and I was prescribed tablets to nourish the adrenaline glands and a protein enriched, low sugar eating plan. Yet I failed to reap any sustainable benefits.

I was finally diagnosed with CFS and referred to the Specialist Unit in Hospital to help me manage the condition; their methods revolved around pacing in every task, time-managing activities and limiting myself to a few tasks each day, which was totally ineffective for me.

Starting university at Durham was a nightmare; the 20 minute drive from home to university every day was exhausting and my body ached from carrying 2/3 books from the library or a 15 minute walk from the lecture room to my college. Once I had to just stop and burst out crying. Concentrating in lectures was impossible and I just felt the scope of work was beyond me. One night, after Googling treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and hours of research, I stumbled across Esther Rantzen’s daughter’s recovery from her debilitating illness through LP and couldn’t believe it.

I attended Helen James seminar in Bury Manchester. Admittedly I was nervous, somewhat sceptical and worried it wouldn’t work but felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. At the end of the first day after being taught the technique, I couldn’t believe how simple it was and initially felt it was incredibly silly, couldn’t see how it would work and found it difficult to apply due to my low self-esteem and confidence. Nevertheless, using the technique I was able to power walk around the whole of Asda eight times without stopping or feeling fatigued and in pain at the end of that day. The second and the final day reinforced my method of application. It’s more than simply positive thinking and there’s science, logic and a method to prevent the negative neurological pathways from creating the symptoms in the first place rather than simply treating the symptoms via thinking positive.

As a practitioner, I couldn’t have asked for anything more from Helen – caring, charismatic, engaging and intelligent. The fact I can contact her if I ever have any queries or issues is so comforting – I feel so blessed to have met her and had the LP. My aches and pains, hair loss, weak immune system etc have disappeared and I can live off 8 hours sleep and do 45 minutes exercise (if I want to!) The weight I’d been so desperate to drop off melted away without me making a conscious effort to. I’ve been able to concentrate at university, understand the lectures and work, keep up with the busy pace of things and completed my first year with marks I couldn’t have been happier with.

The LP is life enhancing in so many ways – it’s a transferable method which can be applied in many aspects of life; I’ve used it to overcome my exam stress, severe depression and I’m currently working on it to treat my phobia of dogs and public speaking. Ashamedly there have been days when I’ve been lazy and haven’t applied it when I should have and so the negative feelings can creep back but as soon as I apply it I’m fine. I’ve still had my fair share of disappointments but with the LP I can manage my stress and negative feelings.

Some people say the treatment is too pricey which is frankly a cop-out; how little the price to pay for the return of good health. When I was ill I would have scrambled around to have paid £10,000 if that was the cost if I knew I would have had such results. This time last year I never imagined I would be in this position writing this: I was trying to find a quick and painless way to die to end the misery.  The point is….IT WORKS!!!!